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Viburnum prunifolium

Photo Courtesy of Maria Zampini

Viburnum prunifolium 'Ovation'

A new slower growing selection of blackhaw that is self scaffolding, forming a very tight and compact, upright, columnar structure that is perfect for screens or limited space areas.  Formal, very tight structure growing 10' tall and only 6' wide.  New foliage emerges a subtle rosy-pink, maturing to crisp celery green.  Flowers typical of the species attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  Fall color is a rich burgundy.  Another Lake Cournty Nursery introduction.  Zone 4

USDA Hardiness Zone:



10 Feet


6 Feet

Viburnum prunifolium 'Ovation' Characteristics

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Moderate


  • Dense
  • Compact
  • Upright

Soil Requirements

  • Moist, well drained
  • Acid
  • Drought tolerant

Sun Requirements

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

Fall Color

  • Burgundy

Flowering Season

  • Mid to late May

Fragrant Flowers

  • No


  • Red to black

Native to

  • North America

Winter foliage

  • Deciduous