Viburnum nervosum

Photo Courtesy of Michael Dirr

Viburnum nervosum

The best general description would be that V. nervosum looks like V. lantana, howerver the leaves are smaller along with other differences.  Flower buds are pink, opening to white, sweetly scented flowers with purple anthers on a rounded truss.  The sweet scent of the flowers would distunguish it from V. lantana.  Flowering can appear before leaf emergence in the spring.  Yellow to red fall color has been reported.  Fruits are 1/3" long, red initially, then maturing black.  Matures 10' tall and wide.  Native to western China, Himalayas, southeast Tibet, and northern Burma.  Zone 6

USDA Hardiness Zone:



10 Feet


10 Feet

Viburnum nervosum Characteristics

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Moderate


  • Rounded

Soil Requirements

  • Acid
  • Moist, well drained

Sun Requirements

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

Fall Color

  • Yellows and reds

Flowering Season

  • Early to mid May

Fragrant Flowers

  • Yes


  • Red to black

Native to

  • Himalayas
  • Southeast Tibet
  • Western China
  • Northern Burma