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Viburnum x Emerald Triumph

Viburnum x Emerald Triumph

An introducton by Harold Pellett, University of Minnesota in 1994, resulting from a cross between V. burejaeticum and V. rhytidophylloides 'Alleghany'.  A medium growing shrub with dark blue-green, lustrous leaves which is clean and disease free, having less texture than V. lantana 'Mohican'.  Habit is a compact, rounded form and is self branching.  Creamy-white, flat-topped flowers in 3" cymes in early May producing fruit which progresses from green to red to black and persistent.  Reported to have bloomed well after -38°.  Fall foliage is shades of yellows and reds.  Zone 3

USDA Hardiness Zone:



8 Feet


8 Feet

Viburnum x Emerald Triumph Characteristics

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Moderate


  • Rounded

Soil Requirements

  • Acid
  • Moist, well drained
  • Drought tolerant

Sun Requirements

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

Fall Color

  • Yellows and reds

Flowering Season

  • Early to mid May

Fragrant Flowers

  • No


  • Persistant
  • Green to red to black