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Viburnum x carlcephalum Fragrant Snowball

Viburnum x carlcephalum

Fragrant Snowball

A cross between V. carlesii (seed parent) and V. macrocephalum f. keteleeri, raised by Albert Burkwood of Burkwood and Skipwith Nursery, England.  Similar to V. carlesii but more coarsely branched with larger flowers and leaves and a more open growth habit.  This 8-10' tall hybrid is vase shaped when young but maturing rounded.  Flowers are 5", carnation-clove fragrant snowball-type blooms, with up to 100 individual flowers per inflorescence.  Fragrant white flowers with a flush of pink opening from pink buds in early May.  'Carlcephalum' is the last of the fragrant semi-snowballs to flower and the leaves are the largest of the group.  Foliage is dark green, changing to reddish-purple in fall.  Fruit is red changing to black.  Zone 5

USDA Hardiness Zone:



8-10 Feet


8-10 Feet

Viburnum x carlcephalum Characteristics

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Moderate to Fast


  • Rounded

Soil Requirements

  • Acid
  • Moist, well drained

Sun Requirements

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

Fall Color

  • Reddish-purple

Flowering Season

  • Early to mid May

Fragrant Flowers

  • Yes


  • Red to black
  • Persistant
  • Sparse