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Viburnum farreri

Viburnum farreri 'Nanum'

A delightful small shrub growing only 3-4' tall and wide.  Pinkish buds open to wonderfully fragrant pink flowers that fade to pinkish-white.  This is another clone that blooms on naked stems.  Small, semi-glossy leaves are bronzy green upon emerging and remain that way throughout the summer, then turning reddish-purple in the autumn.  Fruit is red changing to black but not showy due to being sparse.  Flowers are suseptable to unpredictable late spring frosts, but still a worthy garden plant due to its compact size and summer foliage.  Zone 5 

USDA Hardiness Zone:



3-4 Feet


3-4 Feet

Viburnum farreri 'Nanum' Characteristics

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Slow


  • Compact
  • Rounded

Soil Requirements

  • Acid
  • Moist, well drained

Sun Requirements

  • Full Sun to Part Shade

Fall Color

  • Reddish-purple

Flowering Season

  • Late March

Fragrant Flowers

  • Yes


  • Sparse
  • Red to black