Viburnum Options

Two ways to purchase

Our viburnums can be purchased as liners (rooted cuttings) and containers.


Cuttings are stuck in either 38 cell groove tube (5½" deep) or 32 cell RootMaker® propagation trays and rooted under mist in a controlled environment greenhouse.  Propagation media is a soilless mix ammended with incorporated slow release fertilizer and micronutrients.  Liners are available for shipment in the spring following the previous summer and fall rooting period.  After receiving a spring flush of growth, liners will be shipped starting in early April and terminated in June or before summer temperatures set in.  Liners are not shipped bare root but in their propagation trays with the propagation media intact, thus insuring optimum transplanting success.  Another advantage of our potted liners is that should labor or weather related issues arise, they can be maintained in their trays awaiting transplanting.    

We have no minimum order.  However, to our wholesale customers, we ask that you order in full flats of a species/cultivar.  If ordering less than a full flat we will add .50 per plant to cover the additional time required to organize the flat. 

Liners can be shipped via UPS, FedEx, our own truck, or they can be picked up at the nursery.

We are confident that once you have experienced the quality of our liners, the vast selection that we have to offer, and their rapid finish time, you will consider Classic Viburnums as your complete viburnum supplier.


Our containers are grown in a composted pine bark media, fertilized with a slow release fertilizer, and pruned on a regular schedule to develop a well branched plant.  Plants are available in sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 7 gallon with a few 10 gallon specimens.

For a current liner or container availability and price list, please contact us on the Contact Us page and request a copy.  Please indicate whether you are requesting a wholesale price list or a retail price list.  You must have a nursery dealers license to purchase at wholesale.

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