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About Classic Viburnums

Largest Selection Available

Classic Viburnums is a family owned wholesale and mail order nursery whose entire efforts are focused on viburnums.  Being a niche grower, our time is devoted entirely towards offering you the largest selection, acquiring new and interesting viburnums not available from other sources, selecting and introducing new and exciting cultivars, and educating our customers.  Since we offer such a large selection of viburnums, education is a key factor. We hope that the information contained in this site will give you a better understanding of viburnums and allow you to fully appreciate all of the values, features, and benfits that each one has to offer.

Our passion for viburnums has led us to collecting, propagating, and offering over 200 taxa.  Whether you are purchasing viburnums either for the first time or adding to existing plantings or inventories, you may not be aware of the vast selection that is now available to you, nor have the information available to guide you in your selection process.  That's where the staff of Classic Viburnums will share their knowledge and years of experience to help you fully appreciate and effectively use this highly ornamental genus.

Granted, it is unlikely that any one person or business would require all of the viburnums that we have to offer, but we feel it important to note that Classic Viburnums now provides you with additional species and cultivar purchasing options.  You are no longer restricted to the most popular but limited selections that are currently available from other sources.  There is a whole new world of viburnums out there, just waiting your exploration.