Contract Liner Propagation

Prebook to reserve your order

Although not required, we welcome contract liner growing, even if you are wanting only one flat.  There is no actual contract involved nor do we require a deposit.  Since time and propagation space is limited, we can no longer propagate our entire inventory of over 200 viburnums so cuttings are stuck based on past sales history.  Liners with limited or no sales response in the past few years or those sought only by collectors have been taken out of our yearly production and must be contract grown.  The benefit of contract growing is that it lets us know what your needs are in advance, giving us some guidelines in our production schedule and also provides you with more control over receiving the viburnums that you want and eliminates costly loss of sales caused by fluctuations or lack of inventory.  To contract, orders must be received prior to the summer propagation period which begins in mid May.  We realize that it's impossible to predict how many plants you will need for next year so if you decide at a later date that you need to revise or cancel your order, please let us know by January 1st and these plants will be removed from your order and made available to our other customers.

Another advantage to contract your order is that starting in 2013 we are allowing you to order in half flats.  We realize that many of you would like to trial viburnums from our extensive list but are not willing to order a full flat.  This option is available only if orders are placed in advance of propagation.  To contract your needs allows us to stick two different species/cultivars per tray.  We will not stick more than two different species/cultivars per tray.  We will charge an additional minimal fee of $.10 per liner to provide you with this option.  Once propagation is over, we will not cut flats in half to fullfill half flat orders.  When contracting, you also have the oppotunity to specify the type of flat you would prefer your liners to be rooted in - a 38 cell groove tube or a 32 cell RootMaker®.  Cuttings stuck in RootMaker® trays are priced $.10 per cutting more than those in a groove tube to cover the additional cost of this tray.

For a current liner availability and price list, please contact us using the Contact Us page and request a copy.