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V. opulus 'Notcutt'

Classic Viburnums

The Viburnum Specialists

Classic Viburnums is a family owned nursery located in South Central Nebraska devoted exclusively to growing the genus Viburnum.  Our passion for viburnums is evidenced by offering our customers the largest selection of viburnums in the United States.  With over 200 Viburnum taxa in inventory, we are dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to experience the vast diversity and four seasons of interest that this genus has to offer.

 It is our goal to provide our customers with high quality plants and the knowledge and support needed to make purchasing our viburnums an easy and well informed decision.  We sincerely hope that you find our site to be enjoyable as well as educational and encourage you to tell your friends and colleagues.

Viburnum - A plant for all seasons

  • Colorful emerging spring foliage and flower buds
  • Fragrant and non-fragrant flowers from mid April to late June
  • Various summer foliage shapes and textures
  • Summer foliage includes dull, glossy, light green, dark green, yellow, variegated
  • Summer fruit formation
  • Mature fall fruit in a multitude of colors providing landscape interest and food for the birds
  • Fall foliage ranging from solid colors to a kaleidascope
  • Persistant winter fruits
  • Interesting winter bark and buds
  • Evergreen foliage on certain species
  • Winter habitat and food for birds

When making any type of purchase, we consider the price of the item and then determine whether or not it is a good value.  A good value may mean different things to different people, but certainly everyone would agree that a purchase which lasts over an extended period of time while continuing to provide the benefits for which it was purchased would be considered a good value.  Plants would be considered a good value.  Annuals provide flowers and/or edibles for an entire growing season with the rewards being much greater than the purchased price.

Perennials, trees, and shrubs also provide benefits but for an even longer period of time.  They would also be considered a good value.  Now consider the genus Viburnum.  Every dollar spent on viburnums buys not only year round beauty but also purchases different features and interest every season.  Your viburnum dollar just purchased flowers, fragrance, multiple colors of fall fruit, a kaleidascope of fall colors, interesting winter bark and buds, persistant winter fruits, and wildlife food and habitat.  Now that's a good value.